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disney dreams.

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Well, we're pretty leniant on rules.
Buuut~! We have some, anyway.
1. Don't join just to bash Disney or anything like that. You'll be immediately kicked.
2. Please be considerate of others. If someone doesn't agree with you, don't get angry.
Keep going as usual!
3. All graphics should be posted under an LJ cut. That way, it won't lag up the dial-up owners. (Sheena. ;__;)
4. Everyone should be kind. You don't have to be ALWAYS happy. But just try to be kind. Please. xD
5. We're an open membership. But you must post your introduction. It helps us get to know you!~
6. If a moderator deletes a comment or a post, don't yell at us. It got deleted for a good reason.
7. Contests will be held. And you will receive banners explaining your place and reason for winning!
8. Have fun and post lots!
9. Spread the word.
10. Yeah. There is no ten. I just wanted to make it even. :D

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Sheena - seasalt_slushie
Kylie - kittycat_kylie

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Introduction Form:
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Favorite Disney Movies:
Favorite Disney Characters:
Favorite Disney Songs:
Favorite Non-Disney Movies:
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How did you find Disney Dreams?:
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Would you like to affiliate? Send a comment to seasalt_slushie orkittycat_kylie's live journal.